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Horror Poll

(began 9/10/2000)
Rules To Survive A Horror Movie
How to survive if a killer is after YOU

The stuff you need to know in order to survive if someone is after YOU!

1. If you are a blond, kiss your ass goodbye.
2. Never split up if there are a lot of you.
3. If someone is missing they are probably already dead.
4. If you are a guy don't hang around with the women because they will get you killed by screaming when the killer is near.
5. If you are being followed by the killer don't stop and look around if he isn't in sight because he will appear behind you.
6. Never wander off while in bed with another person.
7. Never sleep with another person (only if there's a killer on the loose).
8. If someone is murdered and you are their friend, move away, very far away!
9. If someone is murdered never throw or go to a party (unless you are the killer).
10. If you think someone is in your house get out fast!
11. Never go to investigate a strange noise (it's a deathwish!).
12. Never assume the killer is dead so don't try to be brave and see if he/she is dead or alive.
13. When a killer is chasing you, never run upstairs.
14. If you're black and some white folks are murdered, get the fuck outta town (from Scary Movie).
15. If you're being chased by the killer and you know it, pick up the knife, not the banana.


Salrmoon29 - #12
Coalchamberep - #13
Jeni Brashears - #15

Any suggestions? E-mail me.