Scream 3
Year: 1999
Rated: R
Runtime: 90 minutes
Nudity: Nope
Gore: Somewhat, but not as much as it's predecessors

The movie starts out with Cotten Weary and his girlfriend getting knifed to death, really fucking lame. We've only seen this happen in the past two Sceam movies. Give us something new! The characters in the movie suck horribly and they don't even develop properly. When the killer unmasked himself it took me a minute to finally figure out who the hell it was because I hardly even remember him being in the movie. Even after he said his name I still had trouble. My prediction was half-true.

After a few more people are diced in the order of the script for Stab 3, Roman, the man writing the film throws a birthday party. Foreshadowing note, Billy and Stu threw a party on their day off school to kill a bunch of people. I took that down and made a mental note of Roman being a killer. Everyone should have died in this movie. Dewey and Gale were actually tied to a pair of chairs to lure Sidney into the house. Why the killer did not kill them, beats me, that was a stupid move. My guess for the second killer was the guy who was protecting Sidney. He was a Homocide Detective. He was so eager to meet Sidney (as was the killer) and just seemed so obvious. When he confronted the killer in front of everyone it looked like they were play fighting. Roman unmasks himself in front of Sidney (as does every killer, a fatal mistake).

He gives his motive. He is actually Maureen Prescott's son, Maureen is Sidney's mother, just to let you know, and he was mad at her because she kicked him out of her life so he murdered her and convinced Billy Loomis and Stu Macher to admit to it. I almost cheered when Roman shot Sidney twice. But it turned out she was wearing a bullet-proof vest. Lame! She came back and stabbed him three times. Then Dewey came in and said some bullshit like "Isn't this where the killer jumps up?". None the less he jumps right the fuck up and Dewey guns him down. So my prediction was half-right about the killer. I guessed it to be Roman and the cop, but the cop was legit. One stupid thing is Randy Meeks (renouned horror geek from Scream 1 and 2) taped his last words and gave a message to Sidney, if there were to be a third murder spree on her, ironic at all?

There's only one thing that bugs me about this movie (well, besides the fact that it stunk worse than Rosie O' Donnel with the runs). When the girl who is playing Gale Weather's in the Stab 3 movie is killed, she says something like "You can't kill me, I'm the killer." Is that what she said? And ... what the hell? Trust me folks, stay away from it, even if you are a fan of the series. There just isn't enough bloodshed to make it even worth the while.

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