Jeepers Creepers
Year: 2001
Rated: R
Runtime: 90 minutes
Nudity: The trailer said there was, all I noticed was a naked dead chick, but the body was fake so why say there is any?
Gore: Not much, this is more of a TCM-style movie: more scares, less gore

Darry and Trish (brother and sister) are traveling home from college, playing games in the car, like finding the license plate 6a Frvr on a van, which Darry says means Gay Forever, because he thinks it says Ga Frvr, but Trish states it is Sexy Forever. Well, they pass the van up as to forshadow the events to come. A giant truck bears down on them, swearving in and out of the two lane road and honking its horn at Trish and Darry madly. The truck finally passes up the two college students and they're glad to still be alive. As they travel further down the road they notice the big truck parked in front of a house and see a big man wearing a slicker carrying a big white sheet roped up and throwing it down a wide drain pipe. He then throws another white sheet, with red stains on it down the pipe as well. Then watches the two drive by him, staring blankly at him. Straight at him. The man jumps into his truck and follows the two in hot pursuit. He catches up with them and begins ramming into the back of their car, running them off to the side of the road and passes them by.

Trish and Darry know what they saw. Those were bodies that the man was unloading. They have to go back there and make sure that those people aren't still alive, right? There's a story that 20 years previous a man and woman were traveling home from prom on that same road. Only the car was found, and the girls head was missing. They said it was a bad case of drinking and driving. Could this be the driving force behind their murders? So Trish and Darry go back to the house, which turns out to be an abandonned church and check out the giant drainage ditch. Somone is alive down in there and while Trish is holding Darry by the feet at the entrance of the ditch, she accidently lets go when a pack of rats appear and Darry is now down in the basement of the church. What he find underneath the ground is horrific. The entire basement is erected with human bodies, the walls, the roof... Even the two from 20 years ago, the couple, are there, holding hands, with the prom ring on the boy, the girls head sewn back on. It seems like someone's been pretty busy lately, huh? Well Darry luckily gets out of the basement and the two leave to a local Diner before anything bad can happen. They take the police back out to the man's house and then make a discovery. This is no "man". It is a beast. An inhuman killing machine, which now has Trish and Darry's scent, and wants them next. So in a hectic battle to the end, Trish and Darry take on the fiendish devil of a badguy in a matter of locations, which leads you spinning in circles.

Now I guess I should get to the score. I really expected to be totally awed with this movie. I think the last really good movie I saw in the theater was probably Hannibal, if I remember correctly. It seemed like, from the previews, the perfect combination of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Pumpkinhead, which, in essence, it was. But it was just missing a few elements. The movie went back and forth to much. The killer should have attacked them when they first discoverd its house; and then there's the ending. I really liked the ending, I just didn't like that the last scene of the movie happened to be the last scene of the movie. You see, it is explained that this monster only attacks every 23rd season for exactly 23 days, and it must feed on humans livers to survive; to breathe. I just couldn't believe how they ended it, it was really cool but they just left the door open to wide. I wonder if they're planning a sequel, I sure hope so, but there's really not much to go on. I just wish they could have added a few scenes on to the end, and I would have been totally 100% happy.

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