House By The Cemetary
Year: 1981
Rated: R
Runtime: 84 minutes
Nudity: None
Gore: It's a Lucio Fulci film, so yes there was

A boy and his parents move into a house (that just so happens to be by a cemetary) even after a girl warns the boy about the house. After the babysitter and some other chick are killed inside the house, it is discovered that a man named Dr. Freudstein is living in the basement and has survived on human flesh to keep him alive for the past 100 some odd years. The Doctor kills the two parents and is about to rip that damn pussy kids leg off when all of a sudden the girl that warned him about the house appears and rescues the kid. That girls mother shows up and they just leave as if nothing had happened. It made no sense! The kids parents just died! And there's a killer in the basement, and they just leave!

Final Thoughts:

This movie was getting pretty good until the weird as shit ending. Pick it up if you're a fan of Lucio Fulci.

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