Dracula 2000
Year: 2000
Rated: R
Runtime: 99 minutes
Nudity: Vitamin C slept with Dracula and showed her tits!
Gore: Here and there blood is shed

This movie dissappointed me a lot. It just took to long to get started. A group of people rob a rich man's vault looking for riches only to find a coffin. Upon trying to get it open two of the six die by setting off traps inside the vault, and the remaining four escape with the coffin onto their private plane. Upon opening the coffin Count Dracula rises and kills everyone on the plane. But the deaths are so boring. Most are done offscreen.

Dracula goes to Los Angeles and the man who was keeping Dracula in the vault follows him, accompined by his comrade. Here everything just dulls. The story seems to focus on these three vampire chicks the entire time.

Final Thoughts:

Compared to the likes of John Carpenter's Vampires, this movie blows. If you want a good vampire flick, see John Carpenter's Vampires.

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