Bloody Murder
Year: 2000
Rated: R
Runtime: 90 minutes
Nudity: No
Gore: No gore, but there is blood ... on the ground

A group of teens decide to do some summer work at a place called Camp Placid Pine (something to that degree). There is a tale about a man, named Trevor who lives in the woods who wears a jumpsuit (Halloween), hockey mask (Friday the 13th) and weilds a chainsaw (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and kills everyone that passes through his woods. How original. Well the campers are there for a while and people start missing. I thought it would be a good stalker/slasher movie until it turned out like one of those mystery killer deals, crap.

Most of the time when a movie is trash, I will say one of three things.

A) Rent it just for the sex scene(s).
B) Rent it just for the gore scene(s).
C) Don't rent it at all.

For this one, C is the case. No titty, and I cry when I say this, no gore. I don't watch horror movies for a good fucking mystery, I watch them for good blood and gore, and a handfull of titty!! If I wanted a mystery I'd fucking rent Sherlock Holmes, damnit! I make better movies than this with my friends, and I've never even finished any of them. There was only blood in a couple of the deaths and everything was done so cheesy. Not cool! Another good Friday blown to shit for me. The cover to the movie may look cool, but don't let it fool you. This movie is a piece of garbage and belongs in Afghanistan when that place is blown off the face of the planet.

Final Thoughts:

Since this movie received the Shit Rating, you must do as I say and hide this stupid piece of shit behind Home Alone 3, I hope no one's dumb enough to look behind that piece.

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