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(began 9/10/2000)
My Movies
Read about the movies I've made and am making

CODE: Zero

I'm making an action/horror movie with my brother and two neighbors. It's about a group of scientist's creating a virus called the Zero Virus. When injected into someone it will give them super-human strength. A group of terrorists, led by Fox and Jackal break into the base to steal the virus for reasons so far unknown. They kill all the scientists and the Zero Virus is spilled all over, making the entire lab go on automatic-lockdown. Everyone inside (3 scientists, 3 guards and 3 terrorists) is slowly transformed into zombies, some strong and some weak mindless zombies. One of the scientists radios for backup and the lone operative Black Widow is sent in to take care of things. He gets rid of the numerous guards surrounding the house and can't find a way in until a car shows up carrying two people. One hangs out the sun-roof shooting at Black Widow when he is shot and falls off a ledge. He is presumed dead so the terrorist from the car opens up a garage door and Black Widow kills the two and enters the contaminated house. He is locked in once inside and must get to the Main Lab and find a cure for the Zero Virus to save himself before he becomes one of them! But he runs into numerous zombies along the way including the transformed terrorists. He must rid the Lab of the zombies and find a cure, fast! We've filmed the intro and middle of the movie. Now all we need to do is finish shooting a couple scenes at the beginning and shoot the ending of the movie (everything with the zombies). I'm going to be editing the movie in my Video Production class at school and I'll be staying after a lot of days to do it, adding gunshot sounds, music and whatnot. We're scheduled to shoot all the zombie scenes (or most of them, anyways) tomorrow (April 18, Thursday) and when the movie is completed It'll be available on this site. It'll cost \$5 bucks, the tape is around a dollar and shipping is I think $3.20 so I won't be making much of a profit, if I even get one. If you're interested in more on the movie you can e-mail me at and I'll let you know how far we get on the movie and when it'll be available. I'll also include on the tape three 5-10 minute zombie movies we did a while back and some cheezy slasher movies. All short films.

04/26/01 Update
Just finished the editing process today. Added sounds and music to all that we have filmed and edited. The movie is about 45% complete. We plan on filming more this weekend with a couple more people joining the ranks of the Cast. All the gore scenes are going to be shot next. Joy. I lean both ways on this, the gore scenes will be hella fun, but they're a pain in the ass to shoot. Plus getting the right props is always a good thing to do but I have no idea where to look. We plan on having some people get torn to shreads by a few zombies.

04/19/01 Update
I've editied he beginning 3/4 of the movie. Shooting for today has reschduled to later next week, possibly next weekend. We still need to film the last 1/4 of the beginning of the movie so I can edit it. We've filmed the entire middle so I'll begin editing that much of it. I made two burned CD's today. One has various gunshots on it (handguns, machine guns, etc..) and the other has a bunch of music files from Resident Evil 1 and 2, gunshots from RE 1 (handguns, magnum and a shotgun) as well as a few Zombie moans. Tomorrow at school we have block-scheduling and I'll have 2 hours to work on this video so I should get all the editing done and all the BGM/SFX (backgroud music/sound effects) for everything we've filmed so far. Someone spilt a soda on our keyboard and I'm having to type a lot of this over again because half the keys have to be pressed a few times to fucking work and it's pissig me off. Chao.

Resident Evil

Two men walk into a room carrying a crate. All you see is their legs. They slam the crate down and go back outside. They bring in another crate. One man takes the crate into another room and the other goes back outside to get some more. An Umbrella patch is seen on their uniforms.

One worker walks into the other room and puts down the crate. A zombie in a flannel shirt walks up behind him. The worker spins around, screams, and is knocked down to be chewed on.

The other worker hears the scream and runs over to the room. The door swings open and the zombie walks out. The worker draws a gun and blasts the zombie.

He goes into the room where the other worker, Eric, was and sees him dead on a table. He goes to check for a pulse when Eric sits up and tries to bite him, he shoots Eric and runs off.

A mysterious man wearing a trenchcoat carrying a briefcase labeled 'Umbrella' sits down at a table, a man in shades sits across from him. The man in the trenchcoat (Aaron) hands the other man (Blake) a transcript of the autopsy's of the two zombies. He also shows Blake the autopsy photos.

Aaron escourts the surviving worker to a table where Leon (hired by Blake to investigate the murders) sits. Leon asks where the crates were coming from. The worker says it's an Umbrella Facility in Europe. Leon knows the virus that changed the two men to zombies must have leaked from the crates. So the two of them go there to investigate.

They arrive, one with two handguns, the other with a shotgun. They come to two doors and split up.

The worker sees a zombie up ahead, it sits out blood and staggers over to him. He kills the zombie with ease. The worker finds a lightswitch and is leaving the room when a zombie hiding under a trailer grabs his foot and bites into it. He escapes, with a bite.

Leon walks up a set of stairs as a zombie rounds the corner and comes at him. Leon kills the zombie. As he walks past the zombie grabs his foot but he shots it in the head.

Leon enters an autopsy room. A figure is under some sheets, Leon makes a hasty exit and the zombies sits up.

Blake is leaning on a wall when Aaron approaches him. Blake hands him a briefcase with a sample of the X-Virus. He tells Aaron to get the samples to Lab 3.

Aaron leaves and goes down the stairs. The worker, who is now a zombie attacks Aaron, bitting him in the neck. Aaron shoots the zombie dead.

Knowing he will turn into a zombie soon from the bite, Aaron injects himself with the X-Virus.

Leon walks out into a hallway when the zombies from the autopsy room walks out with the sheets over its body. THe sheets fall and Leon kills it.

Hearing the gun shots Blake finds Leon and tells him they need to leave. They run downstairs and see that Aaron injected himself with the X-Virus. He is carrying a pole in his right hand. He walks after Leon and Blake and knocks Black down to the ground. Leon runs outside and shoots Aaron once.

Aaron follows Leon outside and he shoots Aaron once more. He runs up a set of stairs in the back and shoots Aaron again. He shoots him again and runs out of ammo. Aaron charges him and knocks Leon down. He picks Leon up by the neck and prepares to impale him.

Blake gets onto the deck over Aaron and Leon and throws down a gun which holds the antidote for the X-Virus. It's the only thing that can return him back to normal. As Blake watches and zombie attacks from behind and starts bitting him in the neck.

Leon kicks Aaron and runs over to the gun. He swipes it off the ground and points it at Aaron, he shoots, and hits him. Aaron stumbles then falls to the ground, dead. Leon runs off screen.

Resident Evil 2

The movie was 3/4 done but we scrapped it, on account of bad acting, screwy scenes and.. a low supply of repetitive zombies. But a new one will be made! It follows Blake on the deck, after throwing the gun to Leon he is attacked by a zombie, but he kills the zombie. Knowing he has only 5 to 10 minutes to live he must get to Lab 3 where he can get an antidote for the virus.

More soon!

If you would like to purchase any of these movie first send me an e-mail. My e-mail address is . Please make the subject something about the movies. Tell me you'd like to order the movies. Then send me cash in the mail. For \\$5 dollars. That will cover shipping and handling and the cost of a tape. And people, $5 is worth the cost of these movies. You'll laugh so hard and I guarentee you'll watch them all over and over again. And no, I won't rip you off. Would I take 2 years to create a website just to get $5 off a person. No. This is the real deal. If you do or did order these movies, enjoy!