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(began 07/04/2001)
Massacre of Mankind
Horror movie and video game news and reviews
Horror Movie News Past Updates
10/24/01 New Content
I'm working on getting Moderators for this site to post news/information on horror releated stuff as it comes out. I will be e-mailing a few close friends of mine to ask of their assistance and if you would like to help out as well (basically just posting new info. on horror movies/games) you can e-mail me by clicking on my address at the bottom of the left sidebar. I'm also going to be adding more content like some long overdue Resident Evil fan-fictions (sorry, guys), update the Upcoming Horror Movies and Horror Movie Series Section as well as adding reviews here and there. Be sure to stay tuned.

10/12/01 New Review
New review for Vengeance of the Dead. What's up with all these new horror movies sucking ass lately. If anyone has seen Tremors 3 e-mail me and let me know if it's worth watching. I almost bought it on DVD until I saw that it was rated PG. Did they just mess it up on copying or is it really rated PG? Also I noticed that Children of the Corn 7 came out the other day. Oh boy.

10/04/01 New E-Mail Address
I got a new computer set up in my room (1 GHz eMachines w/ a 20 Gig Hard Drive, ohh it's nice) and it came with a free year of MSN internet access. So I'll be with that instead of AOL for now. So anywhere you see my e-mail address, just disreguard that, it'll most likely remain active for a while but I will hardly be checking that mailbox. My new e-mail address is Also I have AOL Instant Messenger on my new computer and my AOL IM name is HeavenShallBurnX, so feel free to IM me if you see me on.

10/03/01 5 New Reviews
Five new reviews for Scream 3, House By The Cemetary, The Cell, Rosemary's Baby, and Dracula 2000. Also, a few of the reviews don't have images of the cover because I haven't found those images yet, so that's why some of the images are "broken".

9/28/01 2 New Reviews
Two new reviews for C.H.U.D. and Along Came A Spider. I've been typing up reviews in my freetime in a Computer class I am taking.

9/27/01 2 New Reviews
Two new reviews posted for American Psycho and Bloody Murder.

9/25/01 New Review
Posted my review for Blood Lake. It's some funny shit. That movie is a big piece of crap. By the end of October (Halloween, oddly enough) I plan on having over half of the reviews done, which is a little over 115.

9/24/01 2 New Reviews
Two new reviews for Aliens and Camp Blood. The Reviews Section is coming along slowly but surely.

9/23/01 New Review and Section
Posted my review for Chopper Chicks In Zombie Town. Also added a new section to My Bio called My Horror Collection.

8/31/01 Jeepers Creepers Review
Posted my review for Jeepers Creepers. I got a job at K-Mart and also got a hardcore band together so I don't have all that much free time. Yet I still update this site. How sweet.

8/22/01 RE Fan-Fic's and News
Added two more Resident Evil fan-fiction's, go to here and here to read them, the second link has a link down at the bottom of the page for Chapters 3, 4 and the Epilouge. I started school last Monday and getting up at 5:45am sucks.