Tunneler84: Is this the Paul Partain aka Franklin from TCM?
Franklin: Tis I
Tunneler84: WOW
Franklin: who are you?
Tunneler84: im derek
Tunneler84: a GREAT TCM fan!
Franklin: Hi Derek
Franklin: Great! we need all the fans we can get.
Tunneler84: so, are you into the horror genre?
Tunneler84: hehe
Franklin: Not really. I have just discovered the internet and am finding a lot of interest in the old Chainsaw movie. I think that is pretty neat
Tunneler84: cool, i have a webpage....
Tunneler84: but, anyways
Tunneler84: How did you get the part of "Franklin"?
Franklin: I have enjoyed good horror flicks since James Arness scared me to death in the "Thing" about a hundred years ago.
Franklin: I auditioned for it is the short answer
Tunneler84: ahhh
Tunneler84: did you ever get scared on the set of TCM?
Tunneler84: because I probably would have
Franklin: A friend of mine worked with Kim Henkel's wife and heard about the casting session, told them about me and set up the audition.
Tunneler84: cool
Tunneler84: I'm *hoping* to become a writer/director, i've already written a screenplay i hope to get published as I get older
Franklin: On a movie set, the only thing that scares you is the possibility of a light or a scaffold falling on your head.
Franklin: Good luck on publishing. If you believe you have a good screenplay, grab a camera, get your friends together and shoot the thing. Worst you can do is learn how to write a better screenplay
Franklin: Tell me about your website.
Tunneler84: well, im only 14 now, but i have done a couple ametuer film
Tunneler84: the name is Devilman's Horror Page (click the blue link to be warped there) and basically its about anything horror
Tunneler84: i have choose your own adventure games...71 horror movie reviews!
Franklin: Great. Im 52 and have never written a movie, much less filmed or video taped it. Go for it!
Tunneler84: If you go to my page, please sign the guestbook but I wouldn't leave your e-mail address so ya don't get bombbarded with e-mails and Instant Messages.
Tunneler84: So...what do you do for fun? In your free time?
Franklin: What is free time?
Tunneler84: You must work a lot, I'm guessing.
Franklin: Yes. thankfully.
Tunneler84: Free time...or, spare time, like after work, what do you watch on tv and stuff like that
Franklin: Work is a great gift. The ability to do it and the opportunity to work are tremendous.
Franklin: I don't watch much TV. I like to read.
Tunneler84: What's your favorite book?
Franklin: John D. McDonald books are my all time favorites. Tom Clancy & Stephen King are gaining ground though.
Franklin: Have you ever read any of McDonald's stuff?
Tunneler84: Well, I doubt it, when I read it's not the "big" books, more like R.L. Stine and stuff
Franklin: Give John D. McD a try sometime. He has a series based on his hero named Travis McGee who lives on a houseboat in south Florida and goes about righting wrongs and rescuing damsels and fighting all manner of bad guys. In one of his books, he turned me on to Stephen King's "Cujo". which I truly enjoyed. I don't know RL Stine, tell me about Him/Her
Tunneler84: I saw the movie Cujo...R.L. Stine well he writes bokks mainly for teenages, like stories about cheerleader who are attacked by aa spirt and stuff and mainly about tenns and a mystery killer who is a ghost, spirt, etc...
Tunneler84: i also am REALLY into the Alien movies and read some books like Aliens Book 1: Earth Hive by Steven Perry, they basically follow the 'Alien' movies
Franklin: Sounds interesting. Keep on reading, and read all the time. There is a world of great books out there on just about anything you can think of. Even in the most bizarre books, I learn something new.
Franklin: The Alien books ought to be pretty neat reading.
Tunneler84: Also are you fimilar with the video game system 'Atari'? If yes they made a TCM game.
Franklin: This is the first I have heard of it. Didn't know Atari was still around. I thought it went under about the time "pong" died.
Tunneler84: it did
Tunneler84: but my friend has the system and told me about it
Franklin: Neat. Does Franklin survive in the game, or is he just sausage again?
Tunneler84: I haven't had the chance to play it.
Franklin: Well, get some knockwurst and get to it!
Tunneler84: I've downloaded it off the internet but some of the files were missing, therefore it doesn't work.
Tunneler84: I will, don't worry
Franklin: Ok, Hey, got to go. Thanks for the chat. pp
Tunneler84: Ok, bye

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