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Horror Poll

(began 9/10/2000)
Death Toll
See how many people your favorite horror icon has killed

I will try my hardist to get a picture of each villian listed...

Pamela Voorhees

Pamela Voorhees killed nine people. Barry, Claudette, Annie, Ned, Jack, Marcie, Brenda, Steve and Bill all fell victim to Mrs. Voorhees.

Jason Voorhees

This maniac probably had the most kills out of any horror movie villian alive!
Friday the 13th - NONE Mrs. Voorhees is the killer
Friday the 13th 2 - 9 kills
Friday the 13th 3 - 12 kills
Friday the 13th 4 - 13 kills
Friday the 13th 5 - NONE Roy is the killer
Friday the 13th 6 - 18 kills
Friday the 13th 7 - 16 kills
Friday the 13th 8 - 19 kills
Friday the 13th 9 (Jason Goes To Hell)- 21 kills, by Jason's soul in other peoples bodies
Jason X - 28 kills *confirmed*

So in all Jason gets 154 kills. That's a hell of a lot!


This guy dressed up like Jason Voorhees and killed eighteen people! Now, give him nine sequels and see what he can do...

Freddy Krueger

Before this fella was burned by an angry mob of moms he had eight kills (I did my research). So Fred Krueger killed eight children then was burned down in a bar, or boiler room(there are a couple diffrent stories). He became a monster that lived in your dreams and racked up a total of twenty-seven. Plus the eight that's thirty-five. But then in Wes Craven's New Nightmare it was told that everything was fake and made up. Freddy got four victims in Wes Cravens New Nightmare.


You all know the Good Guys doll 'Chucky'. When he was human his name was Charles Lee Ray and he killed tweleve people. Then before his death he transferred his soul into a doll. In his life as a doll he probably cursed more than he killed people. Not that he didn't kill a lot of people! While in doll form he killed seventeen people! So in all 'Chucky' or Charles Lee Ray killed twenty-nine people! This guy was a natural. Then he got a partner, Tiff, and together they killed a total of eleven people.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers first killed his sister when he was five. After that he became an invincible monster. He racked up a total of seventy-seven kills! I'd have to say that most of those kills were cops in Halloween 4 and 5. But that's a lot of kills. Espically since he did his 'dirty work' on Halloween night.

Sebastian Cane (Hollow Man)

**This includes spoilers from the movie Hollow Man**
Sebastian Cane was the first man to be turned invisible. When his co-workers at the lab can't find a way to bring him back they decide to go to the Board to shut the project, and the lab with it, down. Not wanting this, Cane kills the man who is going to call the General of the Board to shut the place down. That's one. Cane then goes back to the underground lab and erases everyone's access code to get to the top, except for his own. Down in the lab, Cane kills four of his co-workers, and the last two finally kill off Cane in the end by knocking him into an exploding elevator shaft. He's now dead for good. So in all, Cane killed five people. That's a lot of people but then again, not really considering he was invisible. The people in his lab had Infa-Red goggles so they could see him. He was a very smart man and was a great killer. One victim drowned, one was strangled, one was impaled with a crowbar, another had the shit kicked out of him and the last was knocked out with the crowbar. He also cut another guy in the stomach with a crowbar and smacked a girl around a bit (punched her, smashed her face into a pole, etc.).