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(began 9/10/2000)
Upcoming Horror Movies
News on Upcoming Horror Movies

Jason X

Kane Hodder...........Jason Voorhees
Lexa Doig.............Rowan
Jonathan Potts........Professor Lowe
Melyssa Aide..........Janessa
Lisa Ryder............Key-Em
Peter Mensah..........Brodski
Dov Tiefenbach........Azrael


Director.........Jim Isaacs
Screenwriter.....Todd Farmer

Plot: As the film opens, Jason is being led to a cryogenic freezing chamber. The government knows that he can't be killed, so the next step would be to freeze him for all eternity. Unfortunately, a freak electrical storm sets Jason loose and he begins butchering everyone in the cryogenic compound. As a last-ditch attempt, a young woman named Rowan tackles Voorhees and they both fall into the freezing chamber.

The next five centuries go by, with Rowan and Jason sleeping eternally on the bottom of Crystal Lake. When nuclear war breaks out and the planet Earth is evacuated, the world forgets about the long-lost maniac and his captor - who continue to lie in their deathly embrace.

Now, the year is 2455. The Earth, once the glimmering center of all life in the Milky Way, is a rotten brown sphere. Professor Lowe and his archeology students from Earth II decide to do a survey of Old Earth in search of primitive human remains. In a valley that was once called Crystal Lake, they make a startling discovery. The students take a block of ice onboard their ship and head home, unaware that the specimen has begun to melt. When the time is right, Jason breaks free. Confused and angry, the madman begins butchering the students until Rowan also comes to.

Armed with a plethora of weapons, Jason faces off against Rowan and her newfound friend Lowe in a battle that will decide the fate of Earth II. If Jason couldn't be stopped in the past, what could the future possibly hold in store for him?

Thanks to Crystal Lake for the info.

Freddy Vs. Jason

Robert Englund........Freddy Krueger
Kane Hodder...........Jason Voorhees


Director.........Rob Bottin
Producer........Sean Cunningham
Writers..........David Goyer
.......................James Robinson

"Good news from the halls of New Line Cinema this week. Freddy Vs Jason is FINALLY being made! Production is set to start December 16th and probably will be released in October of next year. Neither Lisa Wilcox or Heather Langenkamp will be in it. Thank god this movie is getting done at last".

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the info.

Children of the Living Dead
Although its supposed to be the fourth chapter in the DEAD series, director George Romero is not involved, it doesn't have a time of day in the title, and its being shot on a substantially smaller budget than the last two. Tor Ramsey is slated to direct, while John Russo and Joseph Wolf are producing. Horror fave Tom Savini is lined up for a cameo role (He also appeared in DAWN OF THE DEAD), but won't be doing the effects. That honor belongs to Vincent Guastini, who did the effects for Kevin Smith's DOGMA.
Thanks to Diabolical Dominion for the info.

Ed Gein - The Movie
Recently I visited the website Ed Gein - The Movie and saw the trailer and pictures from the movie. It is looking great and I have been loning for a horror flick based solely on a murderer (i.e. Ed Gein, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy). This should be pleasing.