Ted Bundy

Criminal Profile

Described as shy, sensitive and intelligent, Ted held a degree in psychology from the University of Washington. He was also a councilor at a Seattle crisis center, wrote a pamphlet on rape for the local county commission on crime and attended law school. Deceptively handsome and witty, Ted used his young Republican charm and fake arm slings and casts to deceive his victims. He usually lured his victims from college campuses, shopping malls, parking lots and elementary schools into his car. He raped, bit, then murdered his victims, usually with a blunt object. All 28 of his victims were female and had long dark hair, parted down the middle.

Childhood Profile

Ted Bundy was born to an unwed mother on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. To avoid slurs, his grandparents raised him as his mother's little brother. At the age of 4 he moved with his mother to Tacoma, Washington where she remarried. Ted, however, only found out that she was actually his mother when he was age 23. Ted maintained a high GPA throughout high school, where he seemed mostly interested in skiing and politics. On death row, he later described himself at age 14, living in Tacoma, Washington, as "an average kid", a "normal 14-year-old boy" who "did not steal cars", "did not wander the streets" and "had no desire to hurt anybody".