Resident Evil 3.5

Authors Note : I got the idea from my game Resident Evil 3 Nemesis......
Clare and Leon should both be a pair of "Love birds"HAHAHAH, I think of stupid Stuff . Clare Redfield is a 19 year old girl with a mission to find her brother Chris. She is a Talented girl who has survived Raccon cities zombie craze....
Shady L .Burton is a 21 year old Guy who's Family has died by a Zombie attack. He gets his fire-arms from his Dads gun lock. He is a expert in guns and bombs which he gets from his father..

Shady is in his Jeep riding to Europe to find his Uncle Barry .
Shady: This is a long ride my ass is killing me and I have to pee. I should make a pit stop.
Shady pulled over to a local dinner. And went in.
Shady thinking: I hope they have paper towels.
A man was Eating a cop on a table. Shady: Hey if you're a canable I respect you. Im gonna leave now. Shady grabbed his grenade pulled the pin and threw it Then ran out the door.
He jumped in his car and drove away.
Shady: I cant believe I blew that thing up. I had to it was trying to kill me.

Across Town

Clare: Maybe this is where Chris is at.
Clare pulled over to a motel and went inside.
Man Stay AW..AWAY.
He pulled out shotgun and aimed it at Clare. Clare put her hands up in the air.
Clare: I'm not a monster I just wanted to find my brother.
Man: What is his name.*as he put his gun down*
Clare: his name is Chris. Chris Redfield.
Man: He came in two weeks ago.
Tires screeched to a halt.
Man: Was that a car... I'm Saved. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.
The man ran throught the doors.
Clare: No not again.
The man screamed a bloodcurdling scream. And fell to the ground. Clare could hear the footsteps of the thing that was coming. She dashed behind the post where the hotel man would be. BANG!!!! She heard a gun shot fire. Clare started to cry.
Shady: Is anyone here. HELLO.
Clare: Yes! yes! I'm here.
Shady: Hi I'm Shady Burton.
Clare: I'm Clare Redfield. What did you say your name was.
Shady: I don't think i should say. We should get out of Here.
Clare thinking: He's very Suspicious.
Shady and Clare ran out side to find that man getting Eaten by zombies.
Clare: C'mon Shady.
We ran down the street to my jeep we jumped in.
Shady: Clare What are you doing in this town.
Clare: Im looking for my brother Chris.
Shady: That's a good reason but your determined to find him. Here take this your gonna need it.
Shady gave Clare a Magnum.
Clare: thanks - Look out.
Shady Swerved the car around a whole mob of people. The car did a huge spin and hit a wall.
Shady: Clare....Get out..of here. Run.
Clare: What about you
Shady: Don't worry ill be fine.
Clare ran down the street and didn't look back.
Shady: Lets do this.
Shady revved the car and drove to the people and ran them over. One of the Zombies jumped in the car.
Shady: No
I grabbed my pistol and shot backwards.
Shady: Die
We were heading to a wall and crashed. Making the monster fly through the windshield.
Shady: The cars gonna blow.
He ran away from the car plus limping.

Clare's route

Clare thinking: I hope Shady's ok.
The ground started shaking. A midget type think came at Clare.
Clare: Should I run .
She followed her instinct and ran away from it. The thing started following Clare.
She heard a loud thumping in the shadows. The Midget thing punched clare in the stomach. Acid Bubbles came from the dark alley. A Motorcycle came from behind and picked Clare off the ground before the Acid hit her.
Shady: Thought I crash the party.
Clare: Shady.
They drove to a Lab in the Mountains.
Clare: This is Umbrella. Chris will be here.
Shady: Payback is now.
Clare: Huh?
Shady: Uh Nothing.
They walked in the building they place was crawling with zombies.
Clare: I'm kinda scared here even though I've done this before.
They saw zombies heading towards them.
Shady: There workers they have scientist jackets.
Clare: I'm not gonna let them kill me.
Shady: Allow me.
Shady pulled out of detonator and a plastic explosive.
Shady: 3...5..9...2..7. Run for it Clare.

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