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Horror Poll

(began 9/10/2000)
Mistakes in Horror Movies

Nightmare on Elm Street 1

In the dream clinic, Nancy steals Freds Hat from her Nightmare, yet later on in the Movie, when he jumps out at her, he has the hat on. In the Next Scene where she jumps off the roof, he doesnt have it.

Only in the first nightmare, his sweater has no stripes on the sleeves


Barry hits Ray with his cast, and this would really hurt

When Julie is on the boat with the flare gun, and Ben makes the boat go suddenly fast, she should fall the other direction.

No one has accents in North Carolina? The film is based there, where is everyones Accent?

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Near the end, Ray shoots the gun, and it is empty, yet when Julie shoots without reloading the gun, she fires 6 shots.


When Gale is in the Van, and Kenny falls down. She yells, but her mouth doesnt move.

When Tatum is being attacked in the Garage, she throws beer at the killer. He is wet, until the next shot of him

Jiffy-Pop, takes at least 10 minutes to start popping, not instantly

In the beginning, when Billy is leaving Sidney's room, he climbs out the window and walks away, which isn't possible because all the roofs on the house are slanted and it's at least a two story house. If her bedroom's on the ground floor, why the next night does she go upstairs to get to her room?

When Tatum's head is crushed, why is there no blood ?

Kennys body should fall to the back of the Van, not the Front

When Tatum is fighting off the killer, she scratches, and hits him, and he flips over on the stairs. Yet when you see Billy or Stu, they are not bruised, cut or injured in anyway.

When Sidney comes running to the house and she sees Dewey come out with the knife in his back she screams "Dewey!" but her mouth says "no!"

In one of the last scenes, where the killer tears open a pillow, his bloody hands are covered with feathers. Later on when he hits Sidney, the feathers are gone.

At the beginning, when the killer says on the phone "I want to know who I'm looking at" and she looks out the window someone is standing behind a tree.

Scream 2

In the beginning of the movie Maureen, orders a popcorn, and a small Pepsi from the concession stand. As she walks back in to the theatre she clearly has a jumbo sized large.

When Sidney and her friend get into the police car to be taken to protection, Sidney sits on the driver's side. When the car crashes, she is on the passenger side.

Scream 3

In the house near the beginning of the Movie, the electricity goes out. The Fax Machine still runs the script, and the Pool Light is still on.

Sidney wears the same outfit for the final scene as she did for the final scene of Scream 2

In the bathroom scene with Sidney, if they were so worried about her safety they should have sent bodyguards in with her.

Dewey rolls down a hill and the cut on his forehead changes shape from circular to two parallel lines then to a straight line and a waved one.

Dewey said he took Sidney's file but it was on the Detective's desk.

When the vest is hanging up the letters (LAPD) are across the upper part. When Sidney shows the vest to Roman, the letters are at the bottom of the vest.

Sleepy Hollow

The Candle in the little boys can toy, does not flicker like a candle should.

Ichabod axes the tree, and gets very bloody, yet when the camera returns to him, he is all clean

The Horsemans teeth were filed, yet his skull has normal teeth

When that boy lights the spinning lamp that casts shapes on everything, we can clearly see the shapes on the wall behind him, but they never shine on him or his mother.

When Ichabod Crane cuts into the stomach of the dead pregnant widow, you see a fountain of blood spurt out and gush all over him. the heart needs to be pumping blood round the body for this to occur. She is dead, it wouldnt happen

Return of the living dead

One zombie, who has his insides showing has perfect eyeballs

End of days

When Arnold lands into the Paper stand, he never detaches his harness, yet he doesent have it on anymore

After the priest writes down 666 on a piece of paper, he holds it upside down to reveal that it is 999, but we also notice it's in someone else's handwriting.

Evil Dead

You can tell that the pencil was broken in half when it is in the girls leg

The Blood dripping off the Projector drips down on the wall, yet on the projector itself, it is in a puddle

Ash goes from bloody to clean to bloody to clean all throughout the Movie

Evil Dead 2

Ash finds some pages from the Necronomicon lying in a puddle. He picks up the pages, and they're dry.

Army of Darkness

There is not enough to create such a geyser.

When all is back to normal and Ash is back at his job at S-Mart, a witch shows up and starts trashing the place. Ash is knocked behind the sporting goods counter, where there is a cabinet containing guns. Ash shoots the witch about 20 times, where is the gun that can do that that doesnt need to be reloaded?

When Ash flies from the Vortex, he falls on what looks like mats. Then, the mats are gone.

Ash starts out by landing in a desert.. in England?

When Ash falls through the portal he has his gun, but after the King's men seize him he doesn't, ewhen they draw swords, Ash shoots the sword, where did his gun come from?

After Evil Ash is killed and Sheila is knocked to the ground, there is a close-up of her beautifully made-up face and coifed hair. Then Ash picks her up and she is dirty again.

In one of the scenes where Ash is making his new hand, as he is tightening the gauntlet with his arm on the table, you can clearly see the previously severed hand, perfectly intact, sticking out from the gauntlet. It's pretty obvious.


When Regans Mother is walking with the Priest, she throws her cigarette away, but in the next shot, she has it again.


In one of the final fight scenes, Blade throws a vampire, and you can see the mat the stuntman falls on. This is in the video.

There is a scene where Blade talks to a vampire outside in daylight. The vampire says he is wearing sunscreen. But, He is not wearing sunglasses.

In the scene where Frost is holding the little girl hostage he is wearing a band-aid. Vampires are supposed to be able to regenerate.

At the start Gwaylin is shot twice with silver spikes, one in each shoulder, and doesn't disintegrate - he also gets his hand chopped off twice with the silver sword and doesn't disintegrate, when all other vampires have to only get nicked once with it.

In the shot where Blade knocks the serum down from the wall he throws one at Frost then throws five more at him and finally throws the last one in his head. Thats 7 shots of serum but when he catches it behind his back there are only five in the pack.

During the fight between the burnt Vampire Quinn and Blade, Quinn picks up a fire extinguisher to throw at Blade. Blade cuts off Quinn's arm, but the fire extinguisher has disappeared.

Blair Witch Project

Why do three smart college students stay there and wander around and bitch at each other when you know you should follow streams or water?

How come they have the battery power to film for so long?

Bride of Chucky

In the beginning, when Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) has just had her soul put into the bride doll, she is reading the "Voodoo for Dummies" book and Chucky tells her that the page she is looking for is in Chapter Six, page 217. On the top of the page it very clearly says "Chapter Eleven".

They show Tiffany putting on make up and she has the mole, and in the next scene, they show her putting on her mole.

Childs play

Opening scene where Chris Sarandon is chasing Brad Dourif into the toy store. During the gunfight, Sarandon has gloves on. As he enters the store he is wearing gloves. The next shot, the gloves are off. The next scene, the gloves are back on and he takes them off by biting the fingertips and pulling them off.

Child's Play 2

In the very last part of the film where a new mould of a doll face is made and it grins , wait a few seconds after he grins and look in the background in the right corner. You can very clearly see a stage worker go right on camera.

If the kids are running around in a toy store and screaming, why doesnt the security guard/repairman see them on the cameras or hear them?

The Craft

When Sarah runs crying into the stall after Chris's death she slams the door shut. We then see a close up shot of the bolt-sliding back and her three friends push the door open. But there is no holder for the bolt to slide out from and so the three witches could have simply pushed the door open without the bar sliding across!

Deep Blue Sea

Sharks can't stand still or back up because they get water in their gills.

Anyone notice the shark could break through a steel door in 4 or 5 hits that's made to withstand tons of water pressure, but it takes 6 or 7 direct hits to get through a chain link fence at the end and never succeeds?

The sharks can break through metal, but not the glass in the oven where one of the characters is "hiding". Must be some strong glass...

F13 – Final Friday

Why is it that the SWAT team that is shooting Jason never shoot each other? They form a complete circle around him, yet no one gets shot except for Jason!

Lake Placid

Hector is supposed to be this skilled crocodile hunter/trapper. In one scene, he accidentally traps the sheriff in the old fashioned rope-in-the-tree-leaves-the-sheriff-dangling-from-the-tree trap. how effective would this trap be to a 30 foot crocodile?

During the scene where Hector finds himself with the 30 foot crocodile, he blows up a raft and leaps on board his helicopter and takes off to find that the crocodile has bit down on one of the pontoons. The crocodile clearly bends the pontoon with its teeth. But when the helicopter finally goes airborne, the pontoon is fully intact, only the tarp covering in ripped.

It is never explained how the supposedly Asian crocodile gets to Maine.

The Omen

Im not sure but when Damien looks in the mirror, aren’t the numbers the right way, when they should be backwards?


When Carol Anne is being sucked into the closet vortex she clearly lets go of the white wicker headboard of her bed. In the next shot, the child is seen sailing into the closet, grasping part of the now broken headboard.

Urban Legend

How could the killer find the time, to clean up the car, the body, the glass, the blood, the ropes, and the dent in the tree before the cop returned with Natalie?

Natalie and her friend once forced another driver off the road, resulting in an accident that killed the other driver. Natalie and the friend then admitted this to the police, and their punishment was... ONE YEAR'S PROBATION?!

When Brenda is going to cut out one of Natalie's vital organs, she cuts her stomach with a scalpal. Obviously, this would hurt a lot, but Natalie nor anyone else dresses the wound and there is no sign of blood.

Halloween Part V: The Revenge of Micheal Myers

If it so cold out as Tina claims, why cant we see everyones breath?

Rachel takes a shower with her back door wide open, and unlocked, also, her bathroom door is open. Who would do this, especially on Halloween, when last year at this time, she was almost killed?

How would Michael know where Rachel lives? She moved, and he didnt folow her home.

The Police searched Rachels house, yet they didnt find Michael or any trace of him.

While Jamie is having the episode , she starts to write on the poster. It becomes transparent (this might have been intentionla) but later, the same poster is hanging up for the Pagent, with no mees on it.

Tina and Sam claim they have Rachels House to themsleves, yet they are never there. Tina goes there once to get dressed but that is it.

When the nurse finds Jamie in the basement, she says "Where have you been? We have been looking all over for you" This isnt possible because Jamie was only gone for a minute, if that.

They have such a nice clinic, that the children arent under supervision all the time, and the doors arent locked, and the doors are so close to Jamies Room.

Jamie looks out of her second story window, and sees Michael so she runs down the hallway, and come to an outside door. Michael appears at the door. If it is on the Second Story, how did Michael get there so fast?

Dr. Loomis pulls out his gun in his right hand, before he enters the Myers house. When he is inside, the gun and cane switch hands constantly.

Michaels movemnets are impossible. How did he get into the back of the store in broad daylight, without anyone seeing him?

I thought Jamies last name was Lloyd? If not Lloyd, shouldnt it be Strode? It wasnt either of those in this movie.

Tina tells only the 2 police officers to take her to the Tower Farm, yet after thet party, and after Tina dies, tons of cops show up. The farm was deserted and the police that were there were killed, so how did they know where to find Tina, Billy, and Jamie?

When Michael is driving after Billy, he is on the passenger side of the Car. Who's driving?

Where does Michael get the knife from? He doesn't use it to kill Spitz, or Sam, but he has it when he comes after Jamie. He may have got it from Rachel's house, but who would have a knife that big in thier kitchen?

The front door on the Myers house has boards on it, yet the glass isnt broken. The boards are useless!

The Cop fired 10 shots at Michael before he hung him out the window.

Jamie climbs up the vent very quickly, yet it takes her time to fall down it, and it started on the Second Story.

In the Attic, none of the candles are dripping, and are all tall. When Michael spazzes out, isn't it a miracle that he doesn't knock any of them down?

When Michael is in Jail, why dont the Police take off his Mask.

How could one person kill all of the people in a Police Station in that amount of time, without getting shot at?

Friday the 13th: The New Blood

When the girl is thrown out the window, she has her back to the Window, yet in the next shot, she lands on the car face first. It even shows her being pushed out of the window and she is face first.

(Andrew Dorman)

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