Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

Criminal Profile

This Wisconsinite was convicted of killing over seventeen victims, mostly young, black, gay men. Dahmer would usually meet his civtims in gay bars then lure them back to his house promising drugs or sex. An avid necrophiliac, he tortured, killed, raped, and ate many of his victims. A police raid on Dahmer's house revealed 3 dismembered bodies dissolving in vats of acid, several severed heads, skulls, penis' and a heart. Dahmer was convited and sentenced to death row but was bludgeoned to death by convicted killer Christopher Scarver in prison.

Childhood Profile

Lionel Dahmer's book about his son Jeffrey describes him as a bubbly toddler who at age 4 was disturbingly enthralled by the sound animal bones made when knocked together. He began introverting at the age of 6 after a hernia operation. At the age of 8, he was reportedly molested by a neighbor boy and by 16 he was a devoted alcoholic who enjoyed collecting and dissecting dead animals. Just after graduating from high school in June of 1979, he picked up a hitchiker, had sex with him and then killed him.