Edmund Kemper III

Criminal Profile

Kemper was released from Atascadero State Hospital in 1969 where he had been interned for shooting his grandparents at the age of 15. Edmund's frustration with his mother and women in general led him to brutally shoot, decapitate, rape, mutilate and discard of the bodies of eight young female hitchhikers, his mother and her friend before turning himself into authorities. Eager for attention, Edmund exhaustively recalled each of his crimes in great detail for investigators and continues to do so from Fulsome maximum security prison.

Childhood Profile

After a stormy marriage, Clarnell and E.E. Kemper Jr. separated when Edmund was nine. He lived with a succession of dissatisfying stepfathers and a mother and sisters who dominated him. His step mother and father found him strange and threatening. Unable to sustain friendships with his family or peers, he withdrew into a fantasy world and killed and dismembered animals for fun.