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(began 9/10/2000)
Andrei Chikatilo
Serial Killer Profile

Criminal Profile

Sexually frustrated and unable to sustain arousal through normal intercourse, Andrei pursued sexual stimulation first through voyeurism and sexual assault on young boys and later by beating, stabbing to death, and mutilating a total of 53 young boys, girls and women. Most of his victims were runaways whom he seduced from train and bus stations with promises of food or vodka, only to mutilate their bodies, eating the nipples and tongues and drinking their blood. He was executed with a single bullet in October 15, 1992.

Childhood Profile

As a child Andrei was quiet and studious, preferring books over his peers, who often taunted him. As a result he took even greater pains to hide his extreme near-sightedness, chronic bedwetting and obsession with books about torture and war. In his teens he gained prestige for his knowledge of books and excellent memory, and became the editor of his high school newspaper, but his social skills lacked, espically with women.