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(began 9/10/2000)
Albert Fish
Serial Killer Profiles

Criminal Profile

A sadomasochist, Albert was fond of being beaten by his six children with a nail spiked paddle, implanting needles into his genitalioa, eating feces, pushing long-stem roses up his penis and inserting flaming balls in his anus. He killed over fifteen victims, and mutilated over 100 others. Most of his victims were young boys who's midsections he roasted at home in exotic recipes, recalled for psychiatrists in lavish detail. He believed he was Christ and it was his calling to kill others and suffer. He was electrocuted in Sing Sing prison on January 16, 1936.

Childhood Profile

Sent to an orphanage at the age of 5, when his boat captain father died, Albert reports being "unmercifully beaten" and "seeing boys doing things they should not have done".

True Horror Stories